Couples Classes

Prenatal Partners Birth Companion Workshop
Come together to this workshop where you will learn practical hands-on skills to help support you through the physical and mental demands of childbirth. This class will address issues such as maximizing optimal fetal positioning, back labor, massage / acupressure and relaxation techniques. We will practice positions on a “birth ball” so if you have one, please bring one to class. (These are also known as exercise balls, physical therapy balls, etc.) This class will NOT cover medical interventions such as inductions, epidural anesthesia, assisted deliveries, etc. 

No yoga experience is necessary. Although this workshop is appropriate for all trimesters of pregnancy, preferential timing would be late second trimester / early third trimester.

Workshop Location:  Downtown Yoga, Pleasanton – Om Studio

Things to bring if you own them: yoga mat, “birth ball” and Rebozo (a Mexican scarf) 

Upcoming Workshops
Sunday, March 8, 2020  2:00 – 4:00  Cost $65/couple ($32.50 individual)
Please register for this workshop prior to March 4, 2020